ADDA Security: The most Practical Security Solution for Apartment Complexes

  • Most easy-to-use App for Security Guards
  • Does not mandate residents to download App
  • TOOL in the hand of Security Guards. Does not replace them

  • Don't throw away your existing hardware. GateKeeper INTEGRATES with them
  • Also works without Internet at the Gate
  • Shortest Setup Time, all you need is an Android Device

Used Successfully across 1500+ Apartment Complexes in India

  • Used by Asia's Largest Apartment Complex (with 3000+ households) for 2+ years now
  • Present in 10+ Indian Cities
  • 1 Million+ Visitor Check-Ins using GateKeeper
  • 750,000+ Staff Check-Ins using GateKeeper

" Instead of Stand Alone Solutions we thought it's better to implement an Integrated Solution. 

From Management we have Single View to what's happening in the complex - from Accounting to Security.

Residents have to download One App, where along with payments to society, helpdesk tickets, with GateKeeper, they also gets visitor lists, staff attendance, etc. "

– Mr. Rahul Mahajan, Nagarjuna GreenRidge, Bangalore

Effective Security is a combination of People, Software and Hardware

No Complusion for Residents to Download App

The Security needs are most for users who might not have a smart phone - Elderly Residents, Childcare Staff, etc.

GateKeeper Integrates with your Security Hardware

GateKeeper Integrates with relevant Security Hardware like Biometric Devices, RFID Readers, etc. and gives you ONE VIEW to all Security Intelligence.

ULTIMATE Tool for Security Guards

ADDA Security makes existing Security Guards more Efficient. Provides Visibility to Residents & Management Committees

For Existing ADDA Users, ADDA Security is just PLUG & PLAY

ONE DATABASE of Owners & Tenants

ELIMINATE need to keep updating Resident & Staff Information in multiple places on a CONSTANT basis! 

ONE APP for Residents

Using same ADDA App, residents can now pre-authorise guests, Get Visitor & Staff Notifications, View Staff Attendance, Ask for Immediate help from Security Guards and much more…