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Replace Those Multiple Registers At Your Security Gate with ONE App!  

Manual Registers Are History!!

  • Entries could be incorrect. Illegible handwriting
  • Previous manual registers keep piling up
  • Incident investigation is almost impossible

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Used by 200+ Gated Communities across India

App Based Security Management

  • Data captured is now ONLINE. Visibility of Visitors, Staff, Vehicles to Owners, MCs
  • Upto 50% Faster Visitor & Staff Check In/Out
  • Less Queue at Gate
  • Verify Visitor Information, Capture Photos 
  • Designed for usage outdoor by Guards

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INTRODUCING New feature “SHIFTING” on the GateKeeper Tablet

  • The Security Guard captures Move-In/Out  
  • Manager/MC instantly alerted to verify  
  • New Owners/Tenants get added & Outgoing Owners/Tenants get de-activated the same day!
  • Outstanding Dues, Move-Out charges recovered!

Benefits for Residents

  • Approve Visitors even without Intercom
  • Pre-Authorize Expected Visitors. Save them from queueing at gate
  • View Attendance, Reviews of your Cook, Maid, Driver
  • Call for immediate help from Security guards, Neighbours during Emergencies

Benefits For MCs

  • Maintain ONE Database of Owners, Tenants
  • Supervise Security Activities from Anywhere, Anytime
  • Get Notifications on Security Anomalies - No Visitor Entry, Wrong entry, Overstay of Visitors, etc.
  • Save on Staff Absentee Costs

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ADDA Security - The Most Practical Security Solution for Gated Communities

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